On February 27, a local Santa Monica resident’s home surveillance camera caught this man engaging in disturbing behavior outside of his apartment door.

The individual in the video appears to have a toupée, which he attempts to use to cover the camera. He tries on the hairpiece several times to his satisfaction, and then turns as if to leave. Instead of leaving, he proceeds to unzip his pants and masturbate right outside this resident’s door.

The resident called Santa Monica Police who located the man and pursued him on foot, but lost him somewhere near Ashland and 11th.

The police informed the resident that there is a warrant for the man’s arrest. He is described as a white male, slim build, few teeth, balding, and wearing blue and white running shoes. The police have retained the toupée as evidence.

Other residents have reported on social media that the man has been seen around Santa Monica trying gates, lurking around property, and trespassing. Another individual encountered him on Ocean Park and Main on Friday, February 28th around 4:30PM. If you know this man or have any information about him, please contact us or SMPD. With your help we can solve this problem.

You can view the unedited video by clicking here. WARNING: the full video is graphic and not intended for viewers under 18 years of age.

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