CAUTION: Video may be disturbing to some viewers.

On Tuesday, April 28, on Venice Beach, dogs belonging to a vagrant couple from out of state, Catherine Irene Schultis (aka “Twizted Dreams”) and her partner Richard Thomas Campbell (aka “Wicked Rebel”), attacked two individuals and killed a person’s beloved Chihuahua. The attack happened around 7:45PM on Ocean Front Walk and Thornton Avenue where the pair are known to sit all day and sell their “art” under the business name Solar Poetry.

The incident was captured on video shortly after the Chihuahua was killed. Based on information provided by witnesses on social media, the owner of the Chihuahua (the woman who can be seen in the beginning of the video to the right of the frame) was walking with her dog in her arms. The vagrants’ dogs were reportedly unleashed. One grabbed the Chihuahua out of the owner’s arms, while the other bit her thigh. Then both dogs continued to attack the Chihuahua, killing it. The deceased dog was placed in a shopping bag which a woman in a grey sweater can be seen holding. The owner of the Chihuahua, herself injured from the attack, walked home carrying her beloved pet in the bag.

The dogs remain unrestrained throughout the duration of the video. One man can be seen chasing a dog with a hatchet, while one of the “owners” and others struggle to get the dog under control. When a bystander tries to help, she is also attacked by one of the dogs. She can later be heard in the video asking for a towel and stating that she was bleeding badly.

Eventually, the other “owner,” Catherine, appears and screams at everyone, refusing to take responsibility for her actions or her dogs. In an attempt to justify the actions of the female dog, she can be heard informing everyone that the dog just had puppies which are five weeks old. Local residents report that the vagrants were selling these puppies, well before being weaned, to people on the boardwalk for as little as five dollars.

A Facebook Post from Catherine on March 29th shows the dogs at three days old. In a comment to this post she mentions that all were sold and that she plans to breed her dogs once again because there were “only four” and one puppy had died.

Following the attack, Catherine has been vocal on social media, blaming everyone for getting in her dogs’ “space” and claiming, despite video evidence, that her dogs were leashed.

Catherine acknowledges that the female dog was a “fighting dog,” which she claims to have “rescued.” Based on information provided by a local resident, the dog was dumped on the street and Catherine picked it up and began using her to breed puppies for cash. She did not adopt from a reputable rescue organization or shelter.

Transients from Out of State

According to Catherine and Richard’s Facebook profiles, they’re not Angelenos who couldn’t pay their rent and fell on hard times. She is from Indiana and he is from upstate New York. It is unclear why they decided to come to California.

Public records show that Catherine has lived in Indiana, Ohio and Nebraska, with a warrant for her arrest in Lincoln, Nebraska. Unfortunately, out of state extradition is only for extreme cases, so it is unlikely that she will be taken into custody over this.

On Facebook she proudly claims to have drifted from many states before settling here in LA County. She considers herself part of the community and claims she does “great art” on the boardwalk.

Solar Poetry’s Business Listing on Google Maps

According to information publicly available online, Richard has multiple arrests in Maricopa County Arizona and was incarcerated in prison in Arizona various times between 2009 and 2014.

A Community Nuisance

It’s unclear when Catherine and Richard arrived, but it appears to be sometime within the last few years. Approximately three years ago, Catherine was pregnant and members of the Venice community set up a GoFundMe to help the couple with housing prior to the baby’s arrival. According to an anonymous tipster, money raised secured an apartment for the couple in Hemet. However, they reportedly abandoned the home, gave the baby up for adoption and decided to return to their old way of life on the streets of Venice.

For the past five months, the transients were living in a white van on Rose Avenue, allegedly stealing packages, defecating on sidewalks, having loud, violent fights and disrupting the neighborhood.

A video posted to Facebook last month shows neighbors cheering after they were able to successfully get the van the transients were living in privately towed.

Residents have been vocal on social media about the issues caused by these transients and their dogs. There are multiple reports of abuse, prior dog attacks, and the transients allowing the dogs to run off leash.

Post from NextDoor

Various comments from social media following the dog attack. Source: Facebook & Citizen App.

Even more disturbing, in response to the recent attack, a resident reported on NextDoor that she and her dog were attacked in December 2019, after Richard opened his tent and yelled for his dogs to “get them” as they walked by. This indicates that the couple was possibly training their dogs to attack on command.

Post from NextDoor

The pair was also arrested in August 2019 for vandalism. According to a local resident with knowledge of the matter, Catherine and Richard dismantled a sprinkler system in an area where they were sleeping because the water and noise was disrupting them. They were released days later.

According to information received by Venice Intel on Twitter, there is currently a stay away order on Richard from Venice, but it has not been enforced. It is unclear if the order also extends to Catherine.

Now what?

As of this writing, Catherine and her husband continue to sit at “their spot” daily on Venice Beach trying to peddle their “art.” They deny any wrongdoing despite having kept an untrained fighting dog off-leash, using the dogs for breeding while living on the streets and selling the puppies on the boardwalk for a few bucks before their eyes were fully open.

May 1, Venice Beach: Catherine and Richard maintain that others are to blame for the incident and that they are “part of the community.”

The incident has received a lot of attention on social media and many residents have contacted and tagged our local leaders and police on social media, imploring them to do something about this couple. Unfortunately, due to COVID19, the LA County Sheriff has been RELEASING inmates rather than accepting new ones. There is also a no cash bail system in place that mandates immediate release, unless a suspect is booked on one of 13 charges. At this moment, the likelihood that these individuals will be arrested and that justice will be served for what they have done is very unlikely.

We cannot sit back and allow these people to continue to terrorize our community. Please reach out to Mike Bonin (twitter, instagram, or via email), Captain Morrison at the LAPD Pacific Division, or the LAPD Animal Cruelty Task Force and demand action to be taken against this couple. If you encounter these two and they are unruly or engaging in illegal activity, report them to the police (do not engage with them as they have been known to be violent and she boasts on Facebook about the weapons they carry). You can also report this couple to the SPCALA for their cruelty to animals (abuse, street breeding, selling puppies before weaning) and that their actions resulted in local residents suffering injuries as well as the death of someone’s beloved pet.

Our quality of life continues to decline while criminal vagrants come here from all over the country to live their best lives on the beach, on our dime…but it doesn’t have to be this way

The content contained herein is for informational purposes only. All information provided is based on publicly available information and first hand accounts of individuals from various social media outlets. All subjects of postings herein are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or administrative action, and any and all crimes are alleged until a court or regulatory agency determines otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Venice Beach Vagrant Dog Attack: Chihuahua Killed; Two Injured.”

  1. Where are their dogs now? Will they get them back? If an attack dog kills another dog, isn’t the animal put down? Cath & Rick lived across the street from my house on Grand Blvd sidewalk next to the Venice Post Office before she got pregnant and also when they returned. They are a dangerous hostile couple.

  2. Council person Mike Bonin is NOT concerned about violence on OFW and Rose Ave. Sadly he ignores the needs of his citizens while he pursues a mission of enabling drug addicts (he was addicted to meth) and bums.

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