We now know that Korie Paul Schmidt, Age 31, DOB 7/14/1988, was arrested in connection with a call for “Arson” (incident number 7143) and charged with 18740PC – possession of, exploding, igniting or attempting to do so, with any destructive device or any explosive with intent to injure, intimidate or terrify any person, or with intent to wrongfully injure or destroy any property – which indicates that he was arrested for throwing Molotov Cocktails. Korie was originally held on $500,000 bond but that was increased to $1.65M.

Call logs and arrest records from Santa Monica Police Department, dated January 19, 2020.

Korie is an interesting individual who refers to himself as “Sir Innovate” and lists one of his achievements as building a half pipe from a compass, ruler and a calculator. While Korie (who also goes by Kory) claims on various social media sites to live in Santa Monica, he was recently elected as the Small Business Representative for the West Los Angeles Sawtelle Neighborhood Council.

Korie’s profile on the West Los Angeles Sawtelle Neighborhood Council website. As of this writing, Korie still holds his position.

He also submitted an application to run for Santa Monica City Council in January 2019. When he isn’t busy “solving the unaffordable housing problem” he is CEO of Schmidty Investments…or working at Sketchers. 

Perhaps Korie decided that if our current city leaders were on their way to destroying Santa Monica, he could help them along. Whatever the reason, he packed up his car (which sources state he may have been living in) with homemade “firebombs” and tossed them around the city. 

Saturday, January 19, 2020. Princeton and Santa Monica Boulevard.
Saturday, January 19, 2020. Princeton and Santa Monica Boulevard.

After days of remaining silent while a crazed individual was bombing our streets with Molotov Cocktails, Santa Monica Police Department finally acknowledged the incidents, but appeared to downplay the situation. In an article by Santa Monica Daily Press, Lt. Candice Cobarrubias stated that “[SMPD] had been receiving calls about this same subject and vehicle all over the course of the weekend.” No big deal.

At no point did our police department or city government think it was worthwhile to notify the public and let them know that they were searching for a suspect seen driving a dark older model car who may be throwing “firebombs” and should be considered dangerous?

Instead, residents dodged exploding bottles and piles of fire on Santa Monica streets over the weekend.

Fortunately, to our knowledge, no one was injured by Korie’s homemade “fire bombs.” However, this likely means that his consequences will be light. We will keep an eye on the situation and will update when more information becomes available.

All suspects and subjects of postings herein are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or administrative action and any and all crimes are alleged until a court or regulatory agency finds otherwise.

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